Hey Scott,
Im having problems with my 2015 nissan versa note sv. Im kinda of a car guy i like to work on them but im having problems locating the problem without taking it to a shop im hearing nocking noises when i turn left or i brake hard or when i hit a crack or a little hole in the road while turning each way. Its not the stuts cause i replaced then two week ago cause they were horrible. Im nearing it down to the tie rods but they do not move same with the tires or its the rack & pinion.

jack it up and test for play , and load test the ball joints cause they only make noise when they are loaded up. I use a giant pry bar for that when they are jacked up

Yes I have jacked it up I have to turn the wheel and I have did the 9 and 6 on the tires I also jacked up the control arm up and down but no noise. I also have turned on the car and put it in drive cuz it's front-wheel drive only and no noise from the drive shafts.