hey scott i have a 09 mazda cx 7 that had codes for a crank/ camshaft position sensor and i took it in to the dealer for recalls and they said i need to change my timing chain .... but i was driving it and it kept stopping on me ... i took it to a mechanic and he changed one sensor ... but it kept stopping on me ... now the mechanic says i need a new engine i... was wondering if this sounds right and if so how would i go about finding some one that can do it properly and if its worth it (if this car is known for alot of engine related problems)

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well the first guy was probably right, needing a chain. BUT if you drive too far with a bad chain, then the whole engine can break quickly and need rebuilding or replacing. And mazdas are weak as they age. Rather than put an engine in that, I'd get rid of it and find a good used toyota