hey Mr. scotty I have a 1985 Chevy s10 v6 4.3 fuel injection that starts then dies when I disconnect the map sensor vacuum line it finally idle for awhile and then still dies when I connect to vacuum line back it wont idle at all new idle air control valve new knock sensor now I'm stumped and a new map sensor oh and some reason it has a permeant code 43 after the sensor replacment

disconnect the vacuum line, that leans out the engine. Odds are it's running too rich from leaking fuel pressure regulator or injectors leaking

ty I took them off and it was missing seals and it was all worn out seal haven't finished yet but I think you was right let ya know when I'm done

now I got that fixed it let me connect the map sensor now but when I barely hit the gas it drives but when I stomp it it completely bogs down but it still a lil iffy on the map sensor connected not it will give it gas but don't wanna take off why is this I just rebuilt the carb now what

it also idles also why wont it let me connect without it trying to die out ?