Hey Mr. Kilmer! Thanks for all the awesome DIY videos. I'm been watching your DIY's for a while…


Hey Mr. Kilmer! Thanks for all the awesome DIY videos. I'm been watching your DIY's for a while now and am going to attempt my first invasive repair. I have a 2002 Lexus SC430 and I've got some A/C problems. I've gone to a local auto chain for a diagnostic check and they came back with the "Expansion Valve is stuck open." You wouldn't believe what they quoted for the part and 5.5 hours of labor to remove the dash ($1200+). Lexus was even worse! After hearing those numbers I felt like I just got punched right in the bread basket. I usually take really good care of my SC430. I'm the first and original owner and have had minimal maintenance over the years (only had to change the serpentine belt, alternator, and battery swaps) as I do lots of preventative maintenance as needed and when recommended.
In any case, I saw your Expansion Valve Replacement video on a Toyota Camry. Unfortunately, I can't find anything specific on the 2002 Lexus SC430 and so I'm coming to you for your expertise. Honestly, from the mixed things I've seen I can't even begin to tell if the expansion valve is located on the drivers side or passenger side behind the glove box (as in your video). I do not have access to service manuals, and any of the online diagrams aren't very specific. I'd like to get your opinion and how you think I should attack this repair?
Truth be told, I just graduated from medical school and am applying to be a surgeon, so these tight quarters are going to be a real test of my skill! I just hope not to lose any fingers while doing it! After all, who would trust a three digit surgeon?!?!. I've linked a few resources below, and hope to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for your time and awesome videos!

Part Diagram (which was of no help) http://www.lexussouthatlantaparts.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_product=5785865&ukey_assembly=799223&ukey_make=1082&ukey_model=15681&ukey_driveline=8083&ukey_trimlevel=0&modelYear=2002

Your video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkKry31lk1E

Accessible above the accelerator? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-v0f_VYsYI

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you can try as in this video if you really are handy with your hands and do exactly as he does in that video. But it is not easy doing it that way, and you may destroy the evaporator or not get the valve back on correctly so it doesn't leak putting it back on


Thank you very much for the response and basic step by step. But my question still remains, do you think that the Expansion Valve can be accessed either through the driver foot well above the gas pedal in the SC430 as indicated in the attached video? In the instructions you posted, it does say to remove the "INSTRUMENT PANEL" (ie the gauge cluster, right?), so it must be behind there, right? Since I'm a visual person, I wish I had an exploded diagram of the installed system in the 2002 Lexus SC430, Maybe you have something?


main thing is removing the dash, takes forever, that's why they charge so much. Here is the basic procedure: 2002 Lexus GS 430 V8-4.3L (3UZ-FE)
Vehicle » Heating and Air Conditioning » Expansion Valve » Service and Repair

HINT: At the time of installation, please refer to the following item.
Evacuate air from refrigeration system.
Charge system with refrigerant and inspect for leakage of refrigerant.
Specified amount: 600 ±50 g (21.16 ±1.76 oz.)


Zoom Sized for Print

Pry out the packings.
HINT: At the in time of installation, please refer to the following item.
Do not reuse the packing.

Using SST, remove the 4 bolts and separate the expansion valve and tube and accessory.
SST 07110-61050

Torque: 4.1 N.m (42 kgf.cm, 36 in.lbf)

NOTE: Cap the open fittings immediately to keep moisture or dirt out of the system.

HINT: At the in time of installation, please refer to the following item. Lubricate 6 new O-rings with compressor oil and install them to the tube and valve.

Installation is in the reverse order of removal
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