Hey Mr. Kilmer!

I live in Texas and i am a huge fanatic of all your videos, they're very helpful!

The reason for this message is that i have a chevy colorado in line 5 z71 but as you may know, a 5 cylinder truck is not that loud, its actually pretty quiet but i am that type of guy that likes his truck loud, to really feel that im driving a pick up. I detached the catalytic converter from the muffler which is called muffler delete i belive and it sounds great!...my question is, am i damaging the truck or bringing down horse power, etc. Or is it fine if i leave it like that?

Note...the catalytic converter is intact and in perfect shape and the truck is running fine.

Thank you so much for your time and i really hope for your response!

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removing the muffler over time will often effect the air fuel ratio adversely. But any pro can hook up his scan tool and tell you if it's still normal or if it's now running rich or lean. Start there