Hey mate ive got a Mitsubishi lancer 4 door sedan 2.0L manual engine And was wondering if you could help with some advise on some mechanical problem that i and the mechanics in dubbo nsw have no idear what i causing the problem

Problem: ive brought the car and i found that the clutch was slipping so ive put on a new clutch and found it was making heeps of grinding noises So i pulled the clutch back out of the car And have swaped gearboxes and have also cleaned out the air filter and box Ive sprayed all wires and cleaned all points and replaced the alternator put new brushes in the starter motor Cleaned the extractors comming from engine But ive put the clutch back in new gearbox And now the car isnt as loud sounding But ive found that my 1st, 2nd gear still seem to take its time to pick up speed my speedo seems to want to race up and down when im taking off from a stop sighn My 3rd, 4th, 5th gears seem to be my faster gears and when i put my foot down i can feel the car acting like it should But then plays up in 1st and 2nd when downshifting it dosnt seem to slow the car down?? Please help Btw you help on alot of videos but was just wondering any idears Ive tought fuel problem but the fuel comming to the engine is running heeps good not to sure about injectors may need replacing but not sure

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too many changes to give a logical guess as to your problem. Original clutch kit may be crap, the used tranny you put on may have problems. I'd guess clutch kit, but really, you can only change one thing at a time for a logical analysis

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