Hey I have a 93 integra and it has been swap to a b18b1 model 94 to 01 model. The last owner said it was an automated so he change it to a manual. Now it was working fine and then we had it park over winter now it won't start. I check spark and no spark and from coil so I got a new distributor but still no spark. There is power coming from the harness into the new distributor but no spark coming out of the distributor do you have any ideas.

make sure the timing belt hasn't broken and dist is not turning first

The timing belt is on good. And what do you mean by the distributor not turning. The distributor is new nothing should be wrong with it. Just no power coming out of the distributor. Now my ignition works I getting power throughout the whole car even the harness for the distributor has power but just the distributor won't Spark and no fuel pressure. Now someone on YouTube said to check the tachometer rpm when you crank and see if it moves mine doesn't