Hey guys, 2004 saturn vue AWD v6 that has multiple misfire on all cylinders and the idle speed is slightly high 500 rpm. I do have a slow fuel system leak about 50 to 45 in a a couple minutes. My engine bay doesn't smell like fuel and I went to the parts store for a idle control valve and they said there wasn't one and had me try to spray ether around the throttle body, vacuum lines, intake and fuel rails and there was no increase in idle. Also have seafoamed fuel, oil and upper manifold and it is running better it's still misfiring. I did buy new plugs that I haven't installed yet because I would rather not pour good money after bad. Thanks in advance for for any help you can give!

fix the fuel system leak first, often leaking injectors or bad fuel pressure regulator. And plugs are cheap, change them first

Thanks for the reply Scotty!

I looked up the fuel pressure regulator at oriley and autozone and neither have a vehicle specific part.