Hey buddy, my father has a shitty 2011 Cruze 1.6 124 HP and it makes roaring noise only at 80MPH, What could it be? Also when going in reverse and braking it makes a very loud squeaking noise as you step on the brake, at the dealer they say it’s because dust is stuck between the rotors and pads, What do you think? The vehicle has 75000 km on the clock which is like 45000 mi. Also it started burning oil since the last service. On the oil change before, it started burning once it hit 6000 mi and to 10000 mi it burned half a quart. After the oil change the first 3000 mi it burned half a quart. I told my father to change the oil at 6k and not at 10k like he used to which he is going to do. Could the 10k oil changes be the reason it started burning oil? If you do the math, between every oil change (6k mi) it burns a quart, isn’t a lot, is it? Thanks

those are junk, period. And yes, changing the oil not enough has made it burn more oil. But one uquart every 6 isn't that much for one of those. Clean the brakes with spray brake cleaner to see if the noise abates. And Roarin is often worn wheel bearings, check that first

Thank you. I know that it is a piece of junk, sluggish from the first day. My granddad's 2014 Renault Megane with 110 HP is pretty fast, not as fast my 160 HP 1993 Celica which is the best car in the world. How could it be that the wheel bearing are bad at that mileage? Could the engine be sludged up? He mostly uses the car in city up to 2 mi every trip and less.Thanks for your reply

Realize those Chevy Cruze's feel slow because they are heavier than a Toyota Camry. The owner's manual says to change the oil every 7,500 miles/12,000 kilometers.

Hm, interesting, but at the dealer they wrote in the service history book Next oil change after 15000 km/9000 mi, it was at 55000km than at 70000km, and now it’s at 85000km but no way I am changin the oil at that distance with city driving only, will be doing it much sooner, they use GM genuine 5w30 oil. I am changing my oil in my Celica every 5-6k mi since I drive 85% highway and no trips less than 12 mi using synthetic 5w30 since it is burning barely any oil and has been doing that since new.