hey'all! My daily drive vehicle is a Chevrolet Epica 2007 model SGM7203SE (originally Holden Epica…

Boris Zhukovskij

hey'all! My daily drive vehicle is a Chevrolet Epica 2007 model SGM7203SE (originally Holden Epica or Daewoo Tosca), its manufactured around June 2007, and my family purchased it around October in the same year, right now it has a ODO mileage around 45980 miles (74000 km). The vehicle is equipped with a 5-gear manual transmission and an L34 2.0L natural-aspirated engines rated at 96kW. Here are the questions:

  1. When I put in a 1st gear and floor the gas pedal (the clutch pedal fully up and untouched), the car would tremble obviously when accelerating, the rpm wasn’t increasing in a stable manner as well (no such symptoms in the other gears), and sometime after a cold start, when I lift up the clutch pedal to get the car moving (also 1st gear), the car would tremble a little bit as well. A couple years ago there was a tube somewhere in the clutching system came off. The repair guy installed some kind of a new tube, but the head of the tube wasn’t fully screwed in, but it wasn’t leaking any fluid either. Could that cause the problem?
  2. The ABS light would be on or off randomly, when it’s on the ABS function would be indeed offline, and when it’s off the ABS function doesn’t seem to be working perfectly, how do I deal with the problem?
  3. I searched through Wikipedia, it says my engine power could be rated at 104kW. I wished to reprogram the ECU to make it 104kW, but should I enhance other parts as well? For example, change the brake pads for better ones? Does akebono make brake pads for my vehicle?
  4. What is the suggested tire pressure of this vehicle for regular load both in summer and winter? Should the tire pressure be different between the front and rear?
  5. For a fully electric-powered vehicle, if I put the gear in neutral and coast downhill, generally speaking would this do damage to the car?

Many thanks!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


probably time for a new clutch set. ABS requires a high level scan tool to analyze, so pay a guy with one, or live with it. you can coast on any car if in full neutral without damage, but it's dangerous as you lose control to some extent. Tire pressure should be 32 psi cold for all tires winter and summr