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Hi scotty, I have a problem here
I have a 2008 rav 4 , v6 3.5l
I did a transmission flush change the filter and gasket on the pan tightened snug after a few days I got a small transmission oil leak no big deal a couple weeks later leak wen much bigger so I thought cheap gasket from autozone
So I went to the dealership and got an oem gasket and transaxle sealant thinking better make sure I didn't leak this time, so I took the pan off again Clean it used the transaxle sealant on both sides of the new gasket put it on drive it for 15 minutes got home and made a big mess on my driveway all the fluid was dripping out very bad, so I looked under saw the a lot of oil was coming out of the rear of the pan so I try tightened the bolts some more, so then I have a bolt snap on me, so take the pan off again and saw that the new gasket crack all the way around right in the middle where the oil pan has a small vein all the way around so now I'm getting a new bolt from the dealer, drill the bolt out, and a new gasket and a torque wrench to tightened the bolts to specs and see if this works seems to me that the bolts have to be perfectly tightened, not tight enough it leaks and a little over it leaks, what do you suggest? Also can you please give me the torque specs on this transmission oil pan bolts 2008 toyota rav 4 v6 3.5 L
Thank you Scotty you're the best.

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Hey buddy, make sure you are tightening bolts ACROSS not AROUND. Tighten one bolt a little bit, and then tighten the bolt directly across from it. Do this all the way around. DO NOT tighten bolts that are next to each other. It will not tighten down evenly and will leak!

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


Use permatex the right stuff gasket sealer instead. Then ported on and just make bolt snug it will not leak after half an hour