Help Scotty! I made a big mistake.. I tried to get the caliper pistons to come out a little bit. I put the caliper tool in there with a piece of wood over the Pistons and only about an inch between the wood and the Pistons I stepped on the brake pedal one time and one of the Pistons stopped where the compressing tool was, the other BROKE the piece of wood and almost completely came out, brake fluid squirted everywhere and I think the seal might be compromised. after a little finesse I got it receded but now it won't bleed I have a vacuum bleeder and I'm getting a lot of air coming out of it but the level in the master cylinder isn't coming down at all. so air is getting into the system somewhere but I covered the seals around the Piston with my hand and there's no air getting in there. I haven't tried pumping the brake pedal yet do you think I should or do you think I should rebuild the caliper or get a new one? thank you for all your help.... by the way yes it is an ABS system so if I bleed it without the dealer scan tool can I do it the normal way and then take it for a spin and slam on the brakes a few times that way it activates the ABS valves and then Bleed It Again?? Haha

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get a rebuilt calliper, they work fine and don't cost much on most cars. BUT, to bleed air out of any ABS system, you're just taking pot luck without an ABS scanner to do it with