help me choose what car to buy (bmw e36)

scotty help me choose what to buy if you can

Hello Scotty. My name is Samuel and i am from Europe, i want to buy a bmw e36 sedan or coupe(not and M3 or 328i) and i want to make it a daily drifter but i am not sure which one is the best option with the best engine for me,since you are a mechanic from long time i guess you have had all kinds of clients and you have seen everything.Please tell me what is my best option for a car on budget.Some people say 325i and 325tds are the best from the 3 series but i would like to hear your opinion

Make a top 3 options if possible

(Please dont tell me that making a drift car is a waste of time and money because i know it but i am committed)

No. 1-2
Samuil D.
Samuil D.

any thoughts on the 320 ?



both are endless money pits. But get the diesel, they last longer