Help! I just had to replace my honda fit 2009 Sport and found a good deal on a low mileage 2012…



I just had to replace my honda fit 2009 Sport and found a good deal on a low mileage 2012 Honda Fit Sport with 23k miles on it. Everything looked great and I had a mechanic look at the car. Other than the brakes needing to be changed soon and the cat reading not being ready yet everything looked great. The car had recently been inspected this month as the NY state inspection certificate expires next June. The cat reading must have been ok at the time to pass the inspection, so I figured it likely was ok. I wasn't happy at the car reading not being ready, but I didn't want to lose out on the deal as the car looked great so I closed: figuring in the worse case scenario maybe I'd have to have the cat replaced in the future.

Right after getting it, I needed to replace a rear seat belt, that the previous owner had cut. It was hot yesterday, so I had the car on to provide some a/c while I worked. And then I drove it around a little bit. When I got the car there was about a 1/4-1/3 of a tank of gas left. Later last night I noticed that the gas was practically all used up and I had not driven very much at all. Looking at the MPG reading from the dashboard I noticed it significantly lower than what it should have been. I reset it and drove around some more both with city and some highway driving. Several times to test. It looks like I am getting 8-15 MPG in the city and 15-25 MPG on the highway. Since I had the 2009 which is the same model differing only in the release year, I know what to expect from this model and those MPG numbers are way off.

Some details that may be relevant:

So far I've only been relying on the MPG reading from the car. I haven't driven enough to calculate from actual gas usage, calculated at the pump. However from my experience 1/4 of a tank should have lasted a lot longer. (I know the mpg sensor was never perfectly accurate but it was never off by more than 2-4 gallons either)

After getting the car I did some basic checks and found that the engine and cabin air filters were super dirty and looked as if they hadn't been changed in a very long time, if ever. I swapped them out with the filters from my old car which are almost new (the problem remains).

The mechanic told me that the current brakes have about 1k miles left of them and should be changed. I was thinking to myself that maybe the brakes are sticking and that explains the wear and loss of MPG. (the loss of so much brakes at only 23k miles seams weird to me) However I don't notice any weird braking issue when driving the car.

I already checked the tire pressures.

Can you let me know what I can check and what maintenance items I should do, in order of preference and cost to try and resolve this problem?

I don't want to sink a huge amount of money into this car to get this problem fixed or maybe not fixed. So I'd like to try the simpler and quicker things first. Because if it could become a money pit, it might be best to just get rid of the car asap.

A couple of side questions also related to this car:

I have replaced the rear seatbelt in this car but was unable to full secure the top bolt. I even broke my ratchet trying to screw it in. Do you have a suggestion on how I can get the bolt tightened? (the threads looked ok after I took it out and checked it, just doesn't seem to want to go all the way in again.)

Assuming I can take care of the MPG problem, what maintenance items do you suggest I have done to this car since I just got it? It only got 23k miles on it. However it is also 7-8 years old and those 23k miles are likely almost all city miles, as the guy used it as a company car to drive into Manhattan. Also, judging by how dirty the air filter was, I suspect the guy only has oil changes done on the car in all this time.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Thank you. I fear that you are right.

As for the seat belt. That particular bolt had been tightened all the way originally, so I'm not sure if we are thinking of the same part. Its the bolt that secures the top plastic loop where the seat belt goes through.


Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


seat belt bolts generally have a lip so they don't tighten all the way so belt can swivel. As for the rest, seems like you got a lemon, one that was wrecked or flooded or stolen with all those problems. that small mileage, nothing should be wrong. I assume you were lied to about previous ownership.