Hello ! you're very good youtuber Thanks for sharing your experience ! I've question about transmission

So, my transmission didn't work very well, I mean when I was putting it in Reverse car was starting vibration, it had noise like brrrrrrr.. also when I was putting it in Drive when the engine was cold (for example if I'd move car 1 +/- min later of engine start) it wasn't shifting, tachometer was going to 30+ and still not shifting, and few mins later it was starting shifting normal.. but on high speed like 100 km/h tachometer was going to 30 rpm and it wasn't shifting anymore.

Few days ago I lend my car to friend after some hour he called me said my car didn't shifting in next gear. next day I sit on the car and it didn't shift, it seems that it's stuck in 2nd gear because after putting in D car start moving like manual car (when u lift you leg from clutch early and it hadn't enough rpm) and same in Reverse.

I know it should be replaced. but if you know how can I fix it without replace transmission please tell me if it's possible to fix and what's easiest and cheap way to fix her. Thanks !

Best Regards !

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odds are it needs replacing with those symptoms. But have a pro scan it on a road test and pray something like shift solenoids are bad instead