Hello, Yesterday I got my winter tires taken off my OEM wheels to put my summer tires back on (I…



Yesterday I got my winter tires taken off my OEM wheels to put my summer tires back on (I don't have a separate set of wheels yet). I have a 2017 Toyota 86, 30,000~km.

They stated that one of my tire pressure monitoring sensors had "broken off" and was rolling around inside the tire due to it being corroded (the picture will show the plastic was broken, no corrosion). I didn't have a low tire pressure light on and didn't hear any object rolling around inside the wheel while driving prior to this.

They most likely didn't align the valve stem away when they broke the bead and broke the TPMS. Probably thinking I was a clueless individual took no responsibility when I called them out on it and made me pay for a new one (I didn't want the light on).

After getting shafted, I carried on with an over priced bill from a "family friend" but my tire pressure light is still on for some reason. I popped back in and they said it should go away after about 50km of driving. I took advantage of the nice weather that day and drove to a neighboring city roughly 75km away. As of writing this, I've driven 140km~ and the light remains on.

My questions; do you think they could have been telling the truth about the corrosion? Should this light have gone off if they "fixed" it properly by now?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


they broke it, period, you can see where the plastic is snapped off. But you have to manually turn the system off using a button, google that


Strange. Most tire shops have a computer that can turn the lights off. It is just an annoying light to me. My TPMS light come on only when I turn on my 35w LED headlights lol. I guess it is the new tech and it draws less light and interferes with the electrical. But man back in the day we would just the tires regardless. If the psi is good I would not bother OR one of the other tires has a tpms issue (low battery or bad )