Hello there Scotty!
I am a big fan of you and love your YouTube videos. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for many years now and I always keep up to date with every single of your videos! I love your attitude, jokes and most important the knowledge that you are giving to us for free! You repaired so many stuff for me on my old junk 1999 car and you really did it perfectly!! My question here is that I just bought a brand new 2018 Hyundai Elantra and I’ve driven it for just over 3000 miles and I really like to keep the interior clean. So I clean and dust the dash and all those dust particles that cover all over the dash. (climate control screen and etc...) I use a very delicate microfibre cloth but I notice lots of scratch marks when driving in the sunlight on my climate control screen which is made from glass/hard plastic material to the point that I can barely see what the screen is showing. I can see nothin but stubborn scratches all over the place! Note that I can’t feel These scratches and they are only visible and not that deep so I can actually feel them. Nothing but cleaning the dust off the screen is scratching the screen! I am so upset about this the car was my very first modern car!(I’m 21) and I really liked to keep it lookin good! Is there ANY possible way I can remove or even minimize the scratches?? If I could ever get rid of the scratches, how can I clean the area again and not scratch it? Plz tell me there’s a way to get rid of the scratches.
Thx so much for all your help I really appreciate it!