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I have been a fan of your channel for quiet a while now. It is so nice to see you help all the diy'ers like myself. My question is for the 2016 Toyota Corolla I have purchased from the insurance auction. I paid pennies on the dollar for the vehicle, and it has only 10k miles on it. It had flood damage. Everything on it works perfect except for the a/c blower fan. I have checked the motor by itself and the fan itself works when you give direct power to it. It is all electronic controlled and it has to be one of the computers that are under the dash that has gotten wet. I just didnt know which one. I have been searching online for wire schematics but since the car is new there is no info on it. I took it to a dealer and they have said the final cost would be 12k for them to fix it. They charge for troubleshooting and they said they had to replace all the wiring harness. Thats what the factory wants them to do but I believe just a piece of computer that i could get from the junkyard could fix it. I just dont know which part controls the blower fan. Oh by the way when I press the a/c button the ac starts working. And if i go over a certain speed the cold air comes thru the vents a little. Thanks for all your help.

Tom Yargici

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wire the fan directly with a toggle switch and have full speed fan all the time. A flood car is an electronic nightmare, and just pray more stuff doesn't pop up over time. I had a customer with one that had to be junked 3 years AFTER the flood occured. Good luck