sorry for a long email but please bear with me.

I am watching your videos for a long time now, Thanks for the time and effort that you put into them. (they really help)

the question is this :
I have Subaru Impreza B3 2008 1.5L engine.
I was advised to change the timing belt and so I did.(also added 105Kilometers oils, filters, spark plugs, and so on).

as soon as I took my car out of the mechanic's garage I noticed a strange engine whine.
I took the car back and he removed AC belt and Engine belt to see if that's making the noise... it's not.

I am sending you an audio file with this strange noise.
with your experience, I am sure you will recognize this issue right away.

just to add some info: on Idle there is no whine, whine start's as soon as I push the gas pedal and RPM go higher. (can clearly hear in the audio file).

your kinda my last hope because the mechanics says it's normal (i have this car for many years and I never heard this sound... so for me it's not normal. I am afraid that I am getting scammed)

Thank you in advance,
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Hello Scotty, I went back and told him what you said.(in general way :) ) it seems that the timing belt he installed was made in Slovenia. He changed it to Subaru made in Japan belt and everything is working like new. no sounds, no whistles ... just perfect.
Huge thanks for your advice and help.
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he did a crappy job on the timing belt job, and he doesn't want to do it over now. Get your money back from him if he won't fix it right and go elsewhere.