Hello sir, I have a problem on my 8th Gen Honda Civic car. The story goes like this, my neighbor noticed that the 1 back up light in my car is dead. As i arrived home and park my car, I put the car in reverse and pull up the handbrake not turn off the engine. I step down and go at the back to see which of the back up light is dead. I pulled and take out the dead bulb then go to turn off the car. and when I start again the car I noticed that there is no light in the dash and the shift knob is not working. also there is no AC and the indicator not working but the headlight is working and the indicator light is working on hazard. The engine is running good. 1 click start and the remote start is working too.

sounds like you have a short in the wiring to that back up light bulb, OR you got the wrong bulb, see that a lot these days, and putting it in shorted out the system. Good luck

Thank you very much sir. Yeah you got it I shorted out the back up light wiring. But I was puzzled why the 10 ampere fuse of the back up not burn. Anyway my car is good now. I check all the fuse under the dash and found out a 7.5 Ampere fuse basted which is ckt. #10 ( METER ). After replace it, the dash light comes out and just like nothing happen. My car is running good now.