Hello Sir,
I have a 2012 Chevy Malibu LT 120K miles. Right now the vehicle has a ongoing problem. Check engine keeps popping up and when scanned it says misfire #1 etc. We changed coil #1, and fuel injector #1 - still no fix. Car runs like crap and you can totally feel the misfire and slight jump in RPM. I actually took the car to Sears Auto Center for a full tune up. Funny how after that the problems starting coming. There has been times where even my power steering shuts off completely while I'm driving. Other day my entire dash board lights (Warnings) started flashing all at once.

do a wet and dry compression test of the engine to see if the engine is just worn out on #1 cylinder.

Local mechanic recommended: (from dealer) all new coils, all new fuel injectors, all new spark plugs, all new wires there, and a valve job. $3,900 bucks.


Scanned Again Today ⤴️