Hello Scotty. Thank you in advance for your public service. I so enjoy your your youtube videos. ok, . . .NEXT QUESTION: I have a 2010 Toyota Sienna LE. Really like it. Couple of months ago I was involved in a hit and run accident on the freeway. I noticed two things after the front driver side was repaired. 1. The steering wheel began to shake violently when I was driving at about 70 and applied the brakes. The repair garage told me to change the rotor. This corrected the issue. 2. I noticed a WA, WA, WA noise when the I turned sightly to the left. No noise to the right. The alex on the driver side was replaced with a used part (State Farm) policy. State farm claims the repair was warranted for life.
Any idea what might be the issue? I would guess it is related to the accident, but not sure. Thank you again for your service Thomas L

generally that's worn axle bearings or out of alignment front end. Have a front end expert check that, but really, a used axle? No real insurance company should use junk yard used parts, that's insane.