Hello Scotty! Sorry for writing my biography here but you are my only hope! I would gladly donate if…


Hello Scotty!
Sorry for writing my biography here but you are my only hope!
I would gladly donate if you would like you are the best you deserve it and you know it ;)
Accord CL9 2.4 i-vtec

I am trying to find out what the problem with my engine is, i will explain the issues and what i ve done so far.

It loses coolant from the overflow tank (when overheating)

Tried to bleed out the system but whenever the thermostat opens bubbles won't stop (that looks like a damn head gasket issue already...)

Changed radiator cap (didn't helped but for sure seals much better)

Changed the coolant (less bubbles coming with the fresh coolant when t/stat opens)

Changed radiator fan switch sensor (the original i guess was still good)

Some facts: whenever the engine is warm and there is air in the cooling system and the car idles for like 10 minutes the car starts overheating and when i rev the engine a little, i guess the water pump forces the water to reach and open the thermostat so it cools down, i also have hot air blowing on to cool down faster.

Before i changed the coolant my radiator and the overflow tank smelled like a little clean gas fuel (benzin)... can that be that the intake manifold gasket or whatever in there is bad or blown?

I did a dry compression test yesterday and here are the values i got for each cylinder
1st) 14.6 Bar
2nd) 15.2 Bar
3rd) 14 Bar
4th) 14.8 Bar is the difference between 2nd and 3rd cylinders that big? 1.2 Bar (how many Bar should the k24a3 have to call it healthy? Compression is 10.5:1)

I ordered x3 radiator flush bottles to clean the system
A new Japanese thermostat
A radiator combustion leak tester for 15 uses
So i will check if bubbles still find their way into the cooling system after cleaning it and i will try to bleed the system without thermostat and same time do the combustion leak test. ( ordered yesterday hopefully i ll get them next 2 days)
Please Scotty let me know what do you think about it!?

Thanks a lot in advance, i would be glad to donate something for your hard work! If you are using a paypal add me on skype to give me your paypal name/email.
My skype: Tragos-anni

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yes, and really on one of those, there are tons of used engines available, I'd just swap the engine out really, these days unless you know a great mechanic that does engine work, trying to fix a japanese engine is not a wise choice, seen too many guys try and fail, wasting everyone's money


You've got a cracked cylinder head or bad head gasket - pull the head is the next thing you need to do - everything else is a waste of time since you've tried the normal tricks