Hello Scotty, please help. I have a 1996 buick park ave ultra. We recently purchased used. When we did the oil change we checked gluid levels and the transmission fluid was low. We cannot find leaks. And we are not loosing fluid. But the fluid is burning? Or smells like it is. The car shifts hard and rpms go up high. Now when we turn the car off and then back on it will run a bit better for a while. But when it's at 30 mph it's like it's in neutral and sometimes when I stop and try to drive it seems like I'm in neutral. Would you possibly have any advice ast to what I should be checking. Sensors? Computer? We will do a filter change if we don't repalce the transmission. I really appreciate your time. Thank you in advance.

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hope you didn't pay much, that car is worth maybe 800 bucks tops. fluid has to either leak out, or be sucked into the intake manifold with vacuum pressure and burned. So check both. But from your description, I'd said it's toast and needs replacing or rebuilding