Hello Scotty, please bear with me. I have a BMW 528i F10 N20 Turbo charged 2.0 engine. I just got it…


Hello Scotty, please bear with me. I have a BMW 528i F10 N20 Turbo charged 2.0 engine. I just got it from BMW Stealership as a CPO. 100+ point inspection (white glove inspection) what joke). Found many things not checked or that needed replacing. But, weren’t replaced.

When I got it I was told it had 8,000 miles before it needed its next oil change. However, after driving it less than 3 months and I am sure less than 3,000 miles the cars dash prompted me that it was time to change the oil. I thought, well the guys at the dealership probably left the old oil from the last oil change and fudged with the computer fooling it into thinking the oil had been changed. And now the sensor is reading the true state of oil and reporting the true wear of the oil and reporting it as bad and ready to be changed.

So, I changed it. However, now I observing the prompt on my dash counting down from 8,000 miles to 7,000 miles and warning me erroneously that I have 7,000 to go until my next oil change. When, in reality I have only driven less than 1,000 miles. I have a feeling the cars computer will be reporting that I will need an oil change again before the car is drive 8,000 miles.

My questions are: Has the sensor taking an oil reading gone bad? Or is this normal to report that the car needs an oil change before ever reaching the recommended oil change mileage? Is it indicative of a problem with the car somewhere else? Should I ignore and use the mileage counter to do my oil changes? In other words should I trust the computer?

I have looked at the oil and it has a normal color. It’s not black and rubbing it between my fingers tells me it’s still has a viscosity component to it. I am sure I won’t know this until I send an oil sample to Blackstone laboratories (https://www.blackstone-labs.com) to get a true report on the state of the oil.

Thanking you for your time r/s