Hello Scotty Ok I have a 2007 hummer H3 with 138k miles and the issues are that about a year ago…


Hello Scotty

Ok I have a 2007 hummer H3 with 138k miles and the issues are that about a year ago the issues started where the sunroof started leaking I found out about the rubber gromits that had to be drilled out so I did it but before I got to that water had already leaked into the car and now my

•interior lights don’t work.

•the recirculating switch don’t work I’m always getting air coming when I’m driving (I already have done a reset cycle on the actuators and still the same)

•side mirrors don’t work,the third break light in the back doesn’t work

•battery dies out over night (I just put in a new battery and had it tested first time it died out)

•temperature gauge shoots rite up and then back down I get message on the dashboard that (ENG HOT) I have a micro mechanic scan tool that I can see the temperature of the engine and it maintains between 195-205 degrees F. (Already changed out thermostat and temp sensor)

•front turn signals not working when I hit the turn signal switch to turn (rear light work fine) day time running light are fine just when I want to turn they don’t flash I already tried to change out the fuse but it blows it out as soon as it touches the fuse socket

I was told to change out my BCM( body control module) and it would fix the issues but that DID NOT WORK LOL

I really need some help I honestly don’t trust mechanic shops I worked at one and stopped working there because I seen what the guy was doing and that was not cool good thing he is shut down already but hope you are able to help me with this one Scotty please and thanxs.

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dil 89
dil 89

You screwed yourself with that water leak


Sorry, but truth is they are money pits as you can attest to. May be time to kit it to new owner. Lick wounds and move on if at all possible.