Hello scotty nice to meet you .I have a 2000 ford ranger with 3.0 v6 automatic two wheel drive . I need help bad I have changed pugs and wires they are new I have chechecked the catalytic coverters they are not clogged. I have checked vacuum line's there fine. I have cleaned the throle body it's clean I bought fuel injecter cleaner I put it in tank. They are no check engine lights on what so ever..I have checked all egr valves the fine .I have checked all relays .I can here the fuel pump kicking in . It dose okay on flat road but when I get ready to go up a hill 35mph or less and that to the floor I have bought alot of new parts and I am still broke down I really need help on a fix income. And my woman getting mad spending to much time working on and buy part ever month and still not fixed. P.S it has new head gasets manfold gasets ect. I need help my new friend