Hello Scotty my name is marco I’m a big fan of your videos I have a concern I’m very lost and need some advice. I have a 2007 Honda Pilot I was filling up gas and somehow the gas station mixed up there lines and I put the wrong gas on my car when I try starting it, it wouldn’t start and at this moment I didn’t know it was the gas so I towed my car home to look further into it after pulling my hair for so long I think about the gas so I go take some gas out of the tank and it look thick not normal I empty the tank clean the lines with air and put good gas and my vehicle started right up afterwards. I was happy I took it for a test drive not even 2 miles the check engine light comes on and right after vsa and some warning stability control and the 4x4 light comes on the check engine light shows crank sensor code but my car runs smooth no rough idle or stalling I replaced the crank sensor just because I had a new one already in hand might as well and when I try to clear the code the engine idles a little high not much and then the check engine light goes out for 3 seconds and comes back on right after and it happens over and over if I try to reset check engine light it will come back on within 3 seconds I don’t know what to do now i can’t pass inspection to get back on the road and it’s my only car

Did you get a sample of the fuel? If they sold you bad gas or diesel fuel for your gas car, they are responsible for that if it was labeled wrong or fuel was just bad. Contact the company, my father in law did that with texaco decades ago and got 2500 in repairs paid for by them