Hello Scotty,

My name is Afrose and I own a Xuv 500 completed close to 20,000 miles (30,000 km) .

I get a faint knocking sound from front driver side when brakes are applied. Like someone knocking at door, but at a faster pace. This happens at all speeds and knocking pace decreases as speed reduces. No pulsing sensation in the brake pedal though.
Brake pads changed 2500 miles ago. This noise is very faint that I have to maintain a calm cabin to be able to listen.

Any suggestions what should I look into.


My vehicle
Make and Model : Mahindra XUV 500
ABS & ESP : Yes, Equipped

You never mentioned how old it is - it may have a ring of rust in inner side of brake disc - so you need to take the brakes off the car and have a close inspection of the parts to see what is different from left to right side of car - put the left rotor on the right and see if the sound moves