Hello Scotty. My 99 Camry recently developed a gasoline leak from the main fuel line under the drivers side door area. My local mechanic recommend it to change all the fuel lines as well as the break lines due to extreme rust. As of right now only the main fuel line is leaking
but upon taking everything apart mechanic said that is very possible that any of the other lines may crack as everything is very rusty. He estimated anywhere from $1200 to $1500 for everything as all of the lines have to be made by them. The Doorman makes repair kit # 800-850 to change out the main line I think going from fuel filter to the back of the car (the rubber fuel line). Two questions: Should I attempt to change out this line myself or just junk this car? I can't sell it in this unsafe to drive state but spending $1500 on the repairs is way too much for this car. I took pics this morning and it looks to me like all of the lines are about to go from the rust so changing just the one wouldn't make any difference.

me , I'd try the kit first, and brake lines, heck you can cut out bad sections and flare on new sections for the bad areas. You don't have to change it all out

Thank Scotty