Hello Scotty, it has been a while. In April, I've inquired your knowledge about two codes that my…


Hello Scotty, it has been a while. In April, I've inquired your knowledge about two codes that my obdii reader gave me: P0141 O2 Sensor and P0300 Misfire and what you thought could be wrong. Sadly, to say that I let my car sit up for 4 months, due to the fact that a couple told me in April that they were giving me a car and that never happened yet. I need transporation.

Today, I've called for my road side assistant to come give me a boost, so I can see what my car is doing. During the boost, I've noticed that my check engine light started blinking, but as soon as the man took his cables off, the light went off and never came back on. He told me to let my car run for 30 minutes, so that the alternator can charge my battery. I let it run for 15 minutes. Air not working and it was too hot outside. I also want to note that my car had a rough idle like before, but this time, it was shaking my wheel, dashboard and passenger seat. I didn't feel my driver seat shaking.

Question: What could cause the check engine light to flash, during a boost? During previous boosts in April, it never did that. I know a couple of days ago, I had a neighbor tighten up my negative battery post, because it was loose. I think that's why, my new battery didn't stay charged.

After, I've cut off my car, I did a reading on my car and the only code that was shown was the P0300 code. The P0141 code disappeared. I don't know if my battery was the one giving me the P0141 code or even the O2 HTR fuse that I found out was burnt in April, while my battery was dead and car was sitting up. I figured that one day, if I could get someone to fix on my car, I would find out if the fuse was my problem or O2 sensor. I didn't want and still don't want the O2 sensor to be the problem - that piece is expensive.

Sorry for post being so long. I'm a detailed person. Another thing that I found strange is when I did an I/M test on my car, for some reason my obdii light went dim and I could barely see. I was told to turn my ignition on and it was on and I've gotten a linking error. Because, I could barely see, I turned the car off and unplugged my obdii reader and didn't try again.

Do you think the weak battery made my light go dim?