Hello Scotty, Im having some stalling and rough idling issues with my 97 Ford Aerostar (4.0 E-AWD)…


Hello Scotty,

Im having some stalling and rough idling issues with my 97 Ford Aerostar (4.0 E-AWD)
It cranks fast with no problems, but after a minute or two of idling, it bogs down and shuts itself off sometimes. Ive replaced a number of parts that seemed logical to the issues but still no results. Here is a list of replaced parts.

Fuel pump and strainer (in doing so i removed the pulsator)
A worn out sparkplug (#2. I say worn out, it looked a little over worn...)
fuel filter
Air filter
Pcv valve

I have removed corrosion from most wire harnesses and added some electric grease to each. I did notice on the last round of parts that my FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR was unplugged at the little (electric?) hose that fits onto the side of it. i plugged that in but think that it being off for a long time could have caused an issue.

Here is my next round of parts im planning on buying.
Fuel pump Pulsator
Idle Air Control
Fuel pressure regulator

However my mechanical knowledge is not very broad- i jut fix whats wrong an/or about to be wrong, lol. i just wanted to thank you for all your input to the mechanical database and hope to hear back from you, You're awesome!

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well, the fuel regulator needs vacuum hose attached to it, and it that causes more problems, replace the regulator itself


PPS. Sorry for all the replies, lol im currently researching and remembering all ive done to the van as of late.
Ive cleaned the throttle body, the mass airflow sensor, and the idle air control valve


ps, Ive fixed all the vacuum leaks that i could find but you never know, i might have to try that cigar trick you stated in a video.
Also, the egr valve and the sensor have both been replaced half a year ago.
My flex/intermediate pipe has a hole in it but is currently bandaged up.

If i can think of more i'll let you know.