Hello Scotty, I've watched your videos I see that you are a very knowledgeable person.
I am in a position and need your expertise.
1993 Honda Civic dx 1.5 has an on and off problem starting . When it doesn't start I have no voltage to the fuel pump and no pulsating at the injectors although there is power to them. I am told it is the CPS sensor,I can't find where it is. What are you thoughts on this . Please help, thanks

Let me tell you all ive done to it so far. I replaced the fuel pump, fuel pump main relay,distributor. verified there is voltage to injectors and spark at the plugs, I am going nuts trying to figure this thing out. anything else i can check? there is no power to fuel pump from the relay even after replacing it. also even though there is power to injector, there is no pulsation

i can manually power up the pump and have planty of fuel pressure to the injectors but there is where it stops

does not go past the injectors

Oh and by the way. the car starts right up if i use starting fluid.Thanks

Oh and by the way the car starts tight up if i spray some starting fluid. Thank you