Hello Scotty, I’ve been on your streams before and it helped us very much! The issue today is our 2009 cobalt. I’ve asked what to do and it helped, it only has 45k miles and lots of issues with it. Let me list them.

Last summer. :Gas tank had to be patched.

Last month: had to replace reverse light and turn signal.

2 weeks after that: left his lights on while at work and almost drained the battery but he started it and then he got it to start, it smelled like gas.

Day after that: smelled gas to he went to the dealer and they said his bottom of the car was almost falling out, he was loosing gas. Costed him more then the value of it, it had been paid off, costed 2500$ he fixed it.

Last week: He got a notification on the display saying “SVC Tire Monitor” when it was cold out, it then came mid day, it didn’t show up. It then showed up after 2 hours.

I don’t know what I should do about it, I was thinking going to My local AutoZone and renting a OBD2 Scanner to check the computer.
If you could help me out I would really appreciate it! :)

Thank you,
Ryan M.
Oh and I emailed you it. Sorry. Oh and the cobalt has Hidden damage on the rear passenger wheel. Where the back side of the tire meats the rear side. I can only fit 3 fingers. I am also gonna spray water on the trunk to check it.

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those cars are GM crappers, you might think of getting a toyota instead soon. But when the tire monitor system goes bad, often it's worn out sensors on the tires. It takes a dealer level scan tool to access that info though, so if you want, have it scanned. Me, I'd live without it