Hello Scotty ,i really enjoy watching your videos and i've decided to ask my questions here to see what do you think about my issue .I ride Renault Laguna 1.8 petrol 2002year,and i have an issue with my emissions ,ive checked my car in a renault dealership and they said everything is fine with my oxigen sensors ,tryied again last month to a frind of mine and he said my catalytic converter is dying ,basically the car is running (sometimes its very responsive ,sometimes i have a feeling she will die in my feets ) and i have a smell of a unburned fuel from my exaust(almost like its running rich) what do you think ? Thank you ,keep up the good work and all the best from Bulgaria :)

Well, start by making sure your tune up is current. Then perhaps consider a fuel injection pressure cleaning and top engine chemical cleaning service of the throttle and intake tracts. If none of that helps, may need to look further by having a shop with a dealer level scan tool do some advanced diagnostics and see if it has a misfire issue that doesn't always happen. Also have the engine's mechanical condition checked to be sure it's healthy yet.

Also have the fuel injection pressure tested.