Hello Scotty! I purchased a used 2009 Toyota Yaris sport sedan with a 30-day or 1000 mile car chex warranty..I took the car to Toyota to have a thorough inspection and they told me it needs a new timing cover and want to charge $2,200. I then took it to a mechanic nearby for a second opinion he advised me that there was just a tiny oil spot and showed it to me and he thinks this could have been there just from an oil change being done and a little dripping down on that spot he does not think it needs a new timing cover he cleaned it and advised me to come back in a couple of weeks and that if it is actually leaking then he will make a claim under the warranty and fix it.. I'm confused if I should just let the dealer fix it or wait another couple weeks and see what happens.. I don't see any oil leaking under the car at all however sometimes when I'm stopped at a light it does seem a tiny bit rough for a Toyota but I have heard that the Yaris can be that way I'm used to a Camry which was my prior car. I'm a huge fan and watch your videos all the time.. Do you have any advice?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


make them fix what the toyota dealer says, they gave a warranty. Doubt they will pay for it though, those warranties are generally crap. If they don't , live with it