Hello Scotty!

I love your videos. I watch it when im off work as I dont have time to watch it live. I basically work Monday through Saturday. I have 2 questions:

1.) I saw your P0420 video and in that video you mentioned to use Lacquer thinner to clean out the CAT but one thinner company (2 links below) has two different ones with different ingredients. Since I live in California and you are in Texas, can I use the Lacquer thinner in California with the different ingredients? I hope you can shed some light into this question by 5pm Satuday Nov. 3rd becuz when Im off work im gonna pour it into my gas tank on a 1/2 full and drive it down before I get a refill.

2.) Is a 2017/2018 Ford mustang GT v-8 engine and its car reliable?

Thanks Scotty!!

Tony from Santa Clara, CA - Car is 2006 PT Cruiser, base, non turbo. I call it a POS (piece of shit) Cruiser.
I have relatives that lives in Austin, Texas and they are Asian with a Southern Accent. Too funny hearing them say ya. Thanks again!

The V8 engine is very reliable. As for the thinner, I use a thinner here in texas paint stores sell to thin oil based car paint.. But I doubt they sell it in Cali land due to different laws on air pollution. So I really can't say if that would work from klean strip