Hello Scotty!
I have some serious trouble with timing (Honda Accord cl9 DOHC, i resurfaced the head and block, i also done the valve clearance procedure, the problem is that when i align the camshafts together and with the marks on the chain and same thing the crankshaft with the block mark and the mark on the chain, on the right side the chain has some slack and whenever i release the chain tensioner from the left side it forces and turns ~5° degrees the crankshaft off of the alighment point and i lose the timing,
The engine has 155k kilometers and i am trying to get the timing right and i fail, before i took the head out the car was running PERFECT didn't had any issues at all everything was smooth and healthy...

that's the problem with those VVT systems, you need a special tool to set that VVT cam so it doesn't move. Buy that, or pay a mechanic with one.