Hello Scotty, I have a used manual Daihatsu Sirion 2005 1000cc with 57000 miles that i have for…


Hello Scotty,

I have a used manual Daihatsu Sirion 2005 1000cc with 57000 miles that i have for about 2 years now. The only major work i have done to it is change the gear box which was rather cheap 300$ ( previous owner was probably hard on it and was not shifting right ), replaced the brakes pads and disks and patched the exhaust.

Since these repairs the Daihatsu became a little rocket with fast acceleration, good stopping power and a top speed of 100 miles ( which is also the top speed claimed by the manufacturer ).

So since i am happy with my car because it works as expected what preventative maintenance should i do to the car since its old.

I am planning to do an oil/filter change next week ( its been about a year since last change ) along with coolant change ( never done it as long as i have the car, 2 years ). So since the car will be at the mechanic what else should i have him check ?

Spark plugs, fan belt, brake fluid, transmission fluid, tires, check for sludge build up in the gas tank ? maybe something else ?

I am taking some baby steps in car maintenance i can do some basic things myself like :

*Taking the battery out and charging it properly at home. *Tighten throttle cable and clutch cable. *Check tire pressure and tread depth. *Check and top up fluids when appropriate. *Fix noisy power windows *Unclog AC drain pipe etc

Anything else i can check by myself, maybe any oil or fuel additive that does work to condition/protect the engine ? since i don't know how the previous owner treated the car.

I was also wondering if there is an easy way to check the level and quality of the transmission fluid since there is no dip stick for that.

Thank you Chris

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Manual suggests spark plugs replacement at 54000 miles.

So what should i change next week ? Oil, coolant and spark plugs ? Just that ?

Nothing else needs to be considered due to the age and mileage of the car ?

Thanks for your time.

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


no easy way to check fluid, pay a mechanic with a scan tool for that. Just keep up with normal maintenance, that low mileage, nothing should be wrong anyway, if tranny leaks, it would be wet under and not dry