Hello Scotty!

I have a question, I got a 2008 Chrysler 300 3.5 high output.

I just bought the car a little over six months ago, and the engine seems to go through oil like crazy. Now, I’m all for DiY, but I can’t seem to find where the oil has been going! I got a mechanic to go over it and he has no idea either!

I’ve check the oil pan and gasket, no leaks!
I inspected the coolant and no traces of oil!
There is no signs of smoke out the tail pipe at all!

There are massive amounts of oil deposits in the intake manifold, but I don’t understand why there is such build up inside there.

Could you give me a hand?


it's burning oil, those engine are known for that as they age. Only thing you can do is replace the pcv valve and pray it's just that. Engine would need rebuilding otherwise

Thank you Scotty. It only has 175,000km on it but the last owner ran it to the ground. I will have to try the PCV and hope for the best!