Hello Scotty
I have a Mitsubishi Carisma from 1999. I have a small problem with the breaks... Almost every time (90% of the time) i press the brake and the speed hits under 20 kph (12mph), it makes af sound like the ABS and feels like the ABS kicks in (In the front of the car). It is a little bit irritating, but the car have passed a vehicle inspection with it (vehicle inspections are very strict in Denmark), and no ABS-light is on. The discs and brake pads looks fine. I hope you have seen this problem before, and maybe have a solution!
Best regards
Mads Funder

well, worn abs systems do that all the time and often won't trip a code YET. Watch this video and find a guy with such a machine to analyze it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T21th6nJe6Y&t=79s

Thanks a lot!