Hello Scotty,
I have a 2015 Accord, it was in an accident from a previous owner, and the driver's side roof airbag and seat air bag was deployed, and it was replaced with new used airbags, after starting the car it has all the lights on such as check engine, abs, etc.. you can only drive it up to about 30-35mph and then the system failure light comes on and starts flashing, and car starts making a growling noise and starts to slow down. I had a mechanic look at it and was told that his computer can not communicate with the vehicle, and that it's either a one of the modules or problem with the wires being bend or damaged. Can you please help me out, I don't want to keep wasting money by going to different mechanics and they require the whole new diagnostic again, where would I find the modules and how would I test it to see which one is working, and which wires do I need to check are they located inside or outside? Any solutions/suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.

FIRST, NEVER buy such an obviously wrecked car, BIG mistake, And who knows if the air bags are even done right, how would you find used 2015 airbags, those would be destroyed in most wrecks big enough to total a 2015 car. But if computer will not communicate, just go under the hoos first and unplug all the wiring to the sensors, all of them, one at a time then try to hook up a scan tool. If you hit the right one that's bad, computer will then communicate and you know that's the problem area.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear, the airbags were purchased from autowrecking and they were never deployed. Unfortunately I don't have a scanning tool, but I guess I will have to pay the mechanic again to have him look at it, Thank you so much for the advice.

Hello Scotty, I found out today that I can loan a code read scanner from Autozone, never used these code scanners before. In order to unplug the wiring to the sensors do I need to disconnect one of the battery terminal first, or should I just leave the battery alone? where are the sensors located, would you maybe have a sample picture? so I should just unplug each sensor one at a time and after I unplugged all of them then I should plug in a scan tool? how many sensors are there? Any suggestions or solutions will be very helpful. Thank you.