Hello Scotty! I have a 2004 dodge neon. The check engine light came on and the codes were for bad spark plugs 1-4 and b1 oxygen sensor. So I changed all of them and turned on my car but the check engine light was still on. So I took it to auto zone so they can read the codes and they said it's the same codes for spark plugs and oxygen sensor. I'm confused on what the problem is if I already changed those parts and put new ones in. ( I already had them remove the codes and took off the battery to reset the codes but light is still on)



realize you are dealing with computer run systems that measure exhaust gas concentrations, not a simple thing. ONLY a pro can analyze such complex systems as those trouble codes are relatively generic and can have dozens of possible causes for each code. Try a pro to at least analyze it, or if it runs good enough, live with it