Hello Scotty, i been having this p0330 random misfire issue with my 2010 370z Nismo for over a year now. I changed my spark plugs and did a 60,000 mile tuneup. I can’t tell you how many times i have gone to different mechanics and the outcome have been alll the same no body can find a problem with my car lol. Someone told it could be the flywheel rattling to much or the cam gear have gone out of alignment. Scotty i need your help!!!

tons of things can do that, the hardest code to fix. Anything from a weak fuel pump, bad maf, rattling flywheel, weak head gasket, dripping fuel injectors. You really need a mechanic with a dealer level scan tool who knows how to use it, road test it, and analyze live and mode 6 data

Scotty, thank you for the quick reply i really appreciate it. Unfortunately the dealership couldn’t find the problem but he did say that i do need a new flywheel and clutch.