Hello Scotty, I am now living far away from home because of work and i have trouble finding a good…


Hello Scotty,

I am now living far away from home because of work and i have trouble finding a good mechanic in the place i am now.

Today i have my yearly maintenance on the car ( Daihatsu Sirion 2005 with 56813km )

I did the following maintenance repairs:

Air filter: 12$ Oil filer: 12$ Engine oil: 20$ 3xSpark plugs 53$ Broken washer pump: 20$ Labour: 90$ VAT: 38$

Total: 245$

Does the total price seem OK to you ? I was expecting something around 200$ plus i don't even think these guys actually pay the VAT so that's another way to top up the final bill.

I had asked for an radiator coolant change that they didn't perform don't know why, and i had also asked for a new cabin air filter and i was told that in my car they don't put any which sound like cr@p to me ( probably could not source it ). In addition the mechanic used 10w-40 oil while the car manual suggests 5w30

I always like to inspect the car after the service for signs that they actually worked on it, and i found the washer fluid bottle with the lid off and virtually no water inside. Its bad for the pump to work without water right ?

This is the 2nd mechanic that i have found the 1st one was even worse. One time he took out the battery cause i guess it was in the way and when he put it back he did not tighten the cables and in the 1st bump on the road the cables moved and the car died.

Should i go on the hunt for a 3rd mechanic ? i don't think its logical to have to double check everything if i have to pay somebody to do the job


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Yes i would like to be the 3rd mechanic but i don't have a place to work on my car.


You're the 3rd mechanic. You could do everything you listed by watching Scotty DIY and save a bundle. No VAT either likely.