Hello Scotty, I am a big fan of your youtube channel and you have taught me so much about doing…


Hello Scotty,

I am a big fan of your youtube channel and you have taught me so much about doing upgrades and fixing vehicles. It is partially because of you, that I was able to work on my vehicle.

After finishing my car, I drove it to my father in laws home in Missouri. I had just won my wife's kids from a false report that caused CPS to take her children away, and drove my "SuperCar" to Independence, Missouri from Camden, Maine. The problem is, when we arrived, my "dream care" broke down.

I was supposed to return back to Missouri and pick up my car 6 months ago, but the neighbor that called CPS on my wife, called them again. She claimed that she saw my wife dragging my 5 year old daughter by her hair and punch my daughter in the face. I spent what little savings I had left (roughly $7000) getting a lawyer to fight against them from being taken away.

My money was well spent and CPS dropped the case against us.

Now my car is in jeopardy, to be sold if I cannot get it returned. It is sitting in my father in laws yard and the landlord is not happy having it.

The problem is more than just flying down and driving it back, because of what happened to the car. While idling in a parking lot, a large "Bang" was heard and red hot metal shot out the rear the exhaust. It looks as if the catalytic converters blew, and turbos was not keeping its pressure.

This car is the only legacy I had left for my son after blowing nearly $60,000 in defending my wife, the first time CPS tried to take her children.

My son loves this car, because the previous owner I bought it from says it was in one of the "Fast and Furious" movies. At my son's suggestion, I even bought a scissor door kit, that is not yet installed. It would make the closest thing to an exotic I will ever have, look even more so. I dream of seeing my son drive this when he turns 16, maybe on his first date.

Please help me find a way to get my vehicle back to my home in Maine. I will never be able to get another car like this. To have a truck pick up my vehicle and deliver it to me will cost $1400.

Please help me get my car home.

Daniel Slack


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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


heck I pay guys to move cars to my kids, it's the only way to move em if they don't drive on their own. Try a discount car mover, many guys charge less