Hello Scotty how are you? Big papa lu here. I have a 2015 Town and country po128 came up. After…

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Hello Scotty how are you? Big papa lu here. I have a 2015 Town and country po128 came up. After the mechanic had told me he fix the thermostat he also told me that he found Catalytic Converter code stored. before I brought it to this mechanic i had three other mechanic run the code and the Catalytic converter code did not come up either time. I took it to Mavis and then to pep boys. And both places told me the same thing that it was a thermostat Could it be that these mechanic did something to make to my Catalytic converter to cause the engine light to come on just so I could bring it back to them again. I shouldn't have a any converter problems this early. The van only has 65,000 miles on it now. I don't want to call the mechanic a liar at the same time it wasn't a problem before I brought the van to them was it only until if it's a thermostat that they advised me that the code was store and then after one day of driving it engine light came on .thank you for your time I hope I posted this to the right place and hope to hear from you thank you God bless

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You're right to give mechanics the benefit of the doubt. But you're not the FIRST person to suspect one of engaging in some "Creative Tinkering" on your car while it's in their clutches (poor choice of word). Perhaps now would be a good time for you to sidle an OBDII scan tool into your budget. I went w/ OBDII BlueDriver after watching Scotty's video. This way-- you can SCAN your rig before taking it to a shop, to help you from getting bamboozled. "Forewarned is forearmed." Also stresses importance of finding an honest, reliable mechanic you trust vs. patronizing chain stores (you mentioned Mavis, Pep Boys). Read my reply dated yesterday, 14FEB2019, on "Honest Mechanics." Also good that you're on board, where you can learn to DIY your own thermostat, where feasible. DIY, leave the chain shops behind, find an honest indy mechanic for your big jobs.