Hello Scotty! Great show as always. I have a 2017 Honda accord. The other day was snowing and the roads were quite slippery. I went to make a right and the car slid at low speed and hit concrete curb causing the steering wheel to lock up initially, then gave some play about half turn. I cannot turn left with steering wheel it is stuck. Could it be I have damage the drive shaft or electronic drive pump to seize up the steering?

It's a 2017, so it should still be under warranty. Bring it back to the Honda dealer where you got it at, and they'll fix it without charge!

unfortunately you hit a curb, warrant is then void for any damage. IF it's obvious that you hit the curb and stuff is scuffed up and bent, they will not fix it free. But if not, take it in and don't mention hitting the curb. Otherwise, see a good front end man and be prepared to spend quite a bit fixing bent parts. good luck