Hello Scotty,

Firstly I love your videos. Very informative and helpful! They have me the confidence to replace my catalytic converter myself.

I have two questions for you.

  1. I installed an air horn on my Honda CR-V, took the old horn off as it was rusted and soldered more wire onto the horn original wires to connect the air horn below the hood. But it sounds terrible!!! Does the gauge of wire matter?
  1. My steering wheel sits slightly off centre when I'm driving. Is this easily fixed or do I need a professional?
    I have heard of tyre places doing this when they align the tyres. Do I just ask for an alignment or something else?

Many thanks.

Keep up the great videos!

Ps: Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

No. 1-2

Thanks for the quick response!
I will test the wires.
Can you recommend any good air horns if I cannot get this one working properly?



make sure you have good power and ground, load test the wires with a meter. And realize things are made like crap and often cheap air horns do not work very well, seen that many times. Tell the shop you want the steering wheel centered, alignment guys do that all day long