Hello Scotty,

first of all, thank you for your commitment to helping people with their cars. I am really enjoying your videos, but have not managed to get through all of them.

One thing that bugs me right now is the fact that my Chrysler 300s steering wheel shakes at 50-60mph and makes loud knocking noises as if something is hitting the car with each 2nd or 3rd rotation of the wheel. It has gotten worse over time. I have tried a few things already such as

  • Wheel balancing has been done
  • Wheels have been rotated
  • Checked the tires and rims for any obvious damage or issues that could cause this
  • Made sure pressure is good.

Do you have any idea off the top of your head where this issue could lie? Is there a potential either the control arm or tie rod is causing this? A lot of bushings have been replaced at the start of this year. It sounds like the knocking is coming from the front left side. It never knocks without the shaking wheel or shakes without the knocking sound, so I presume these 2 are connected.

Thanks in advance!

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What is the year and milage on the car? I just replaced tie rods and ball joints on my car a few days ago. I had to rent the ball joint press and tie rod fork. It was very hard work but the ball joints were gone. I suspected the tie rods were bad too, but they were surpassingly okay overall given the age and milage on my car. Just the same it is worth doing it all while you are under the wheels. Replace the sway bar bushings and end caps. They don't cost much for the piece of mind. Struts too if you feel the car is spongy when you push on the fenders.



worn strut mounts, worn control arm bushings, and worn ball joints are most common. REALIZE good front end shops give free estimates, I'd start there if you can find the source jacking it up and pulling on the tires